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Successes In Car Washing
Signature® Series
Philly's Express Car Wash

Signature® Series Helps Builder Create An Appealing Wash – Inside & Out

Philly's attractive site sets the bar for curb appeal

QuickFire® wraps clean quickly & put on a great 'show'

SEYMOUR, CT – As custom home builder Phil Pedros will tell you, a home must first attract buyers from the street – and the same is true of a car wash. “When I designed Philly’s Express, visual appeal was a key consideration,” Pedros notes. That explains the aesthetically pleasing beige block walls, dramatic roof line and striking yellow, white and red accents that define Philly’s distinctive ‘look.’

Of course, a high-end home needs to be charming inside, as well – and the same is true of a car wash that hopes to win repeat business. “I wanted our tunnel to be as appealing as the building’s exterior,” Pedros comments. “I was disappointed by the ‘commodity’ look of much of the wash equipment on the market.” He adds “My vision for Philly’s was a refreshing wash experience, not an industrial process.”

Pedros spoke with Belanger distributor Auto Shine Car Wash Systems, who suggested a tour of a Belanger

“The Signature Series ‘look’ sets high expectations. The QuickFire wraps deliver impressive cleaning and speed, while the Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner ‘seal the deal’ with fantastic wheels and tires.”

— Phil Pedros, Philly's Express

tunnel in nearby Waterbury. “The best way to show Belanger equipment is in person,” says Mark DiTommaso of Auto Shine. “We knew Phil would appreciate the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship that’s evident in an installed Belanger tunnel. We also knew it was a perfect ‘fit’ for his plans.”

Pedros agrees, and selected the Signature® Series tunnel line for his own facility. The Signature Series is exactly what I wanted,” Pedros remarks. “People notice the eye-catching elliptical beams, and enjoy the bright powdercoated finish and red accents.” He adds “This equipment helps make Philly’s Express a memorable wash for our customers, and a proud investment for me.” He adds “After all, it’s my name on the sign, and I stand behind this wash from end to end.”

Pedros says that while the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, there are ‘stand out’ pieces in his tunnel. “The Signature Series ‘look’ sets high expectations,” he comments. “The QuickFire wraps deliver tremendous cleaning and impressive speed, while the Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner ‘seal the deal’ with fantastic wheels and tires.” He says the equipment is perfect for the site and his business.

“Sharp looks and great cleaning are only part of the picture,” Pedros says. “The Signature Series runs ultra-reliably, delivering the uptime I need as an owner of multiple businesses.” He explains that he is able to run the wash with only two full-time employees who greet customers, maintain the property and answer questions. This frees Pedros to operate his building business, while enjoying the wash’s income as well.

“In less than a year, we’ve built a business that’s full of promise,” Pedros observes. “We’ve added an express wash to a community that had none, while raising the bar for any would-be competitors.” Pedros says most customers choose his top two packages, and wash volume is growing steadily. “We’ve seen a lot of repeat business already,” he notes. “This would sure be a tough act for anyone to follow.”

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