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Successes In Car Washing Signature® Series
The Carwasher

Signature® Series Perfect Addition to Family of Belanger® Tunnels

The Carwasher's Signature® Series tunnel

PHOENIX, AZ – When you’ve got a ‘good thing going’ at your car wash, the best thing you can do is ... improve it. Just ask Bryan Lindblom of The Carwasher, a four-location chain of soft cloth tunnels in Arizona. “We’ve relied on Belanger equipment for over 25 years,” Lindblom says. “Regardless of our business model or wash format, it’s always exceeded our expectations for performance and reliability.”

Lindblom says that while The Carwasher’s offerings have changed, the company’s commitment to Belanger equipment hasn’t. “We were always full service only at our original three locations,” he notes. “Our Belanger tunnels support full service washing very well, because they deliver an exceptionally clean car that minimizes exterior cleaning labor and allows our employees to focus on vehicle interiors.”

According to Lindblom, The Carwasher transitioned to ‘dual service’ washing five years ago, offering customers a choice of full service, or ‘exterior-only’ washing. “We recognized an increased demand for faster, lower-cost washing – and we met it,” he says. “Customers now are busier and more budget conscious, so our express wash appeals to them.”

Lindblom observes “The same qualities that make our Belanger tunnels a great choice for full-service washing have made them excellent for express washing, as well.” He adds “Simply put, they deliver a

“Belanger equipment is the cheapest you can own. I know from long experience that Belanger tunnels pay for themselves many times over, with high reliability and uptime.”

— Barry Lindblom, The Carwasher

clean, dry, sparkling car with a minimum of human intervention – perfect for speed and profitability.”

So, it made sense that when The Carwasher planned a fourth location, the company planned to use the same reliable, hydraulic Belanger tunnel wash. Until ... the Lindbloms attended the ICA show where Belanger introduced its premium, all-electric tunnel wash line, the Signature® Series. “We were very impressed,” Lindblom says. “Like us, Belanger has continued to improve its offerings. We knew the Signature Series was a look at the future.”

Bryan’s father, Barry Lindblom, agrees. “Someone at the show commented that the Signature cost more than other equipment, but I told him it was worth it. I said ‘Belanger equipment is the cheapest you can own.’ I know from long experience that Belanger tunnels pay for themselves many times over, with high reliability and uptime.” Barry laughs “Our hydraulic tunnels paid their way a long time ago.”

Bryan says “We chose the Signature Series because it supports the evolution of our business.” He notes “We’re running reclaim water at the new site, since it’s better for the environment and our bottom line.” Bryan observes “Because the wash is electric, there are no concerns about hydraulic fluid entering the reclaim.” He adds “And its VFDs power equipment up gradually, reducing our billable peak electric use.”

Lindblom notes that the Signature Series makes a powerful impression on everyone. “It’s just a great-looking wash,” he says, “light and bright – with an eye-catching design.” He concludes “Since our new location is ‘flex-serve,’ every customer rides through the tunnel first ... which means they all appreciate the wash, before they appreciate the clean.”

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