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Successes In Car Washing
Signature® Series
Pioneer Petroleum

Signature® Series Tunnel Leads The Way at Pioneer Petroleum

The Signature® Series in action

OTTAWA, CANADA – When it comes to car washing, Pioneer Petroleum has a long history of living up to its name. “When we see an opportunity to provide a better car wash, we act on it," says Mike Dietrich of Pioneer. "Our customers deserve the best wash experience available, and we're committed to providing it."

Brad Goetz, of Belanger distributor Mondo Products, agrees. “Pioneer has faithfully led the way in implementing Belanger innovations,” Goetz says. “Pioneer had the first QuickFire wraps in Canada, the first DuraTrans conveyor, and the first FreeStyler friction in-bay.”

Goetz adds that it came as no surprise when Pioneer installed Canada’s first Signature® Series tunnel, too. “Folks expect cutting-edge car washing from Pioneer,” Goetz notes, “and Mondo has always been proud to help Pioneer deliver the latest and greatest wash experience.”

“The moment I saw the Signature Series on the trade show floor, I knew it was the one,” Dietrich says. According to Dietrich, Pioneer was developing an upscale location in Ottawa with gas, c-store and a tunnel wash. “The Signature Series was the right wash at the right time, and we had the right location.”

Dietrich says that location is in a growing community, with an expanding residential area and industrial development. “We knew we needed a tunnel for its throughput,” Dietrich notes, “and we knew the bright finish, unique look and open feel of the Signature tunnel would appeal to our discriminating clientele.”

“The Signature tunnel looks great and performs better. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the gold standard for customers and operators alike.”

— Mike Dietrich, Pioneer Petroleum

Once Pioneer installed its Signature® Series tunnel, folks noticed other benefits as well, Dietrich adds. “Everyone was surprised how quietly and smoothly the Signature tunnel runs,” Dietrich notes. “One customer even remarked to me that this is what a car wash should be.”

While the Signature® Series tunnel always makes a strong first impression, Dietrich says it’s important that the wash deliver a superlative experience from start to finish. “This area is oversaturated with gas station car washes,” Dietrich notes. “But most of them are me-too offerings, and are viewed as a commodity.” Dietrich adds “Our Signature tunnel really sets us apart as the place to wash in Ottawa.”

According to Dietrich, the wash’s traffic demonstrates that it’s a destination for Ottawa drivers. “We expected good business with our Signature tunnel, but it’s been much steadier than I expected,” Dietrich says. Dietrich notes that the 24/7 wash sees a good flow of business round-the-clock, which exemplifies Belanger’s value proposition of helping operators maximize Profit-Per-Foot℠ in their wash bays.

“Because we’re open 24/7, our tunnel is completely automated end-to-end,” Dietrich observes. “We’ve had no issues with folks navigating the entrance or loading their own cars.” Dietrich adds that the bright look and airy, open feel of the Signature almost certainly helps drivers feel more comfortable with loading, and puts them at ease in the wash tunnel.

Just as the Signature® Series delivers a smooth experience for customers, it gives Pioneer a smooth management experience, as well. “With all-electric drive, VFDs and the Integra controller, we’ve got unprecedented control over the wash,” Dietrich says. “We have the sealer wax coming on a quarter-inch before the car gets there, just because we can.” Dietrich adds “The Signature tunnel looks great and performs better. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the gold standard for customers and operators alike.”

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