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Signature® Series Tunnel Redefines Dealership Car Washing in Cleveland

The new wash delivers clean cars and 'rainforest' fun

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH – At the closely-located Honda and Toyota dealerships of Motorcars Cleveland, customers are always treated to a hassle-free buying experience. “Our best price is posted on the car, and every customer gets the same great deal as his neighbors,” says manager Jay Keffer. But while buying a vehicle at Motorcars Cleveland is easy, owning a Motorcars vehicle can be even easier.

“That ‘new car’ feeling is exhilarating for customers,” Keffer observes. “That’s why we offer our Platinum Program with every new vehicle – an affordable membership that keeps that feeling going, with free unlimited car washing, a complimentary annual detail service, and more.” He says the free car wash is the most popular benefit – precisely because it’s quick, convenient, and helps keep cars looking their best.

According to Keffer, the enticing program has already attracted thousands of loyal members. “As the program has grown, so have our facilities,” he notes. “Last fall we built a new stand-alone tunnel car wash featuring Belanger’s Signature Series equipment and a fun ‘rainforest’ theme.” He explains that versus the typical ‘car dealer’ rollover washes the two dealerships used before, there is simply no comparison.

“It’s not the same old ‘song and dance’ we saw with the old rollovers,” Keffer remarks. “Now we can wash 80 cars per hour instead of 10 – and do it in style.” He continues “The Signature Series tunnel isn’t something hidden in a service bay – it’s something you showcase, with lights, signs and advertising. Now the customer

“Our Signature Series tunnel is open, friendly and inviting – just like our dealerships. In 7 months, it’s made 50,000 positive impressions on customers. Plus it washes every service car – without missing a beat.”

Jay Keffer, Motorcars Cleveland

rides through, and the car wash experience is as rewarding as the clean car it produces.”

“This was an exciting project from the start,” says Travis Saffell of Belanger distributor Ohio Car Wash Supply. “Motorcars Cleveland has a commitment to customer enjoyment, and we saw an opportunity to build something that truly exceeds expectations.” He adds, “That’s why I enthusiastically recommended the Signature Series tunnel. It’s not just a ‘perk’ for loyal customers; it’s an asset for the entire business.”

Keffer agrees. “Our Signature Series tunnel is open, friendly and inviting – just like our dealerships,” he comments. “In 7 months, it’s made 50,000 positive impressions on customers.” He goes on, “Plus it washes every service car – without missing a beat.” He says the Signature® Series offers the capacity to plan for program growth – while helping future-proof the wash bay itself.

“We chose the all-electric drive option for its energy efficiency, quiet operation and ease of control,” Keffer remarks. “We’re also running reclaim for everything but presoak and final rinse – meaning we’re ahead of the curve for responsible water usage.” He says folks appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the tunnel, adding “They realize it’s not only a better dealership car wash; it’s a better car wash, period.”

“Our customers want reliable, comfortable, good-looking vehicles they’ll be proud to own,” Keffer notes. “At Motorcars Cleveland we help make that happen – before, during and long after the sale.” Notably, the wash is popular with dealership customers and the public alike. He concludes “By attracting paid business, our tunnel is generating revenue and goodwill – like everything we do at Motorcars Cleveland.”

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