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Signature® Series
Wiggy Wash

Signature® Series Tunnel Welcomed In Growing Utah Town

Wiggy Wash's first wash is a brand new Corvette!

SPANISH FORK, UT – Sometimes, the best ideas in business start with a casual conversation. “We were talking with friends one night and someone remarked that our town could use a really good car wash,” recalls Brent Wignall of Wiggy Wash. “We agreed, and started looking into it.” Wignall says he and business partner Chris Hailstone (who raised him like a dad) attended ICA 2008 in Orlando to learn more.

“The show was a great investment,” Wignall comments. “We not only learned a lot about the equipment, we made invaluable business contacts.” He says the most rewarding connection has been with Shane Aardema, of Belanger distributor Sky Blue Industries. “Other distributors and manufacturers just wanted to ‘schmooze,’ but Shane and Belanger talked with us about the business of car washing,” he notes.

“Brent and Chris had a lot going for them,” remembers Aardema. “They own several construction-related businesses, so they understood what it would take to find and develop the right site.” He adds “Fortunately, finding a good site was straightforward in Spanish Fork. The demographics are upscale, traffic is good, and there is no full-service competition for 16 miles. It’s mostly in-bays and self-serves.”

“Our plan was to build the best car wash possible,” says Wignall. “We knew Wiggy Wash would have no real competition once it opened … and it would be difficult for anyone to ‘one-up’ us later.” Wignall says he and Hailstone chose Belanger’s Signature® Series equipment to help achieve their goals. “It’s light, bright and airy,” he notes. “The white oval extrusions and red accent stripes are eye-catching, and the quiet electric

“Customers love how the QuickFire wraps follow the car for extra cleaning – they don’t just spin. And the Pivoting Wheel Stinger puts on a wheel-cleaning ‘show’ that delivers sparkling clean rims.

— Brent Wignall, Wiggy Wash

drive is a welcome change from the ‘industrial’ sounds of most hydraulic car washes.”

According to Wignall, the Signature® Series equipment has other benefits, as well. “With electric drive, there are no concerns about hydraulic leaks, so we’re able to recycle 89% of our water with confidence,” he says. “And the equipment delivers a thorough cleaning, with the right touch at the right time.” In fact, Wignall says the 175-foot tunnel cleans cars fabulously, with fresh water used only for the final rinse.

“In our arid desert climate, folks really appreciate that commitment to water conservation,” Wignall observes. He says many customers have shared Wiggy Wash’s enthusiasm for car washing done right, even before the wash opened. “We have 380 fans on Facebook, and the number is constantly growing,” he remarks. “I guess you could say we’re benefitting from positive ‘word of mouse,’” he jokes.

Wignall says that while the entire tunnel is impressive, certain pieces are stand-out attention getters. “Customers love how the QuickFire wraps follow the car for extra cleaning – they don’t just spin,” he comments. “And the Pivoting Wheel Stinger puts on a wheel-cleaning ‘show’ that delivers sparkling clean rims,” he says. “It’s clear the car's getting extra attention.”

After just two weeks in business, Wiggy Wash was already showing its incredible growth potential. “We washed 75 cars in our first half-day open, and we’ve already had a 300-car day,” Wignall remarks. “Spanish Fork has three high schools and a vibrant business community. Wiggy Wash is poised to grow right along with the city.” He concludes “With our Signature Series tunnel, we’ve got the look and the performance to go the distance. We can’t imagine building this site with any other equipment.”

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