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Successes In Car Washing Belanger® Tunnel
Prestige Car Wash

Third Time’s Charming for Multiple Belanger® Tunnel Owner

The wash's Pivoting Wheel Stinger® & DuraShiner®

MANASSAS, VA – When multi-site operator Joon Park of Prestige Car Wash decided to build his third location, he knew who to call. “I had done an equipment reload at another site about two years before,” Park says. “I worked with Tighe Gillis at Carwash Solutions, who installed Belanger equipment including an electric DuraTrans conveyor, QuickFire wraps, a HydroMitter, AirCannon dryers and more.”

Park says he went with a similar package at the new wash, adding a Pivoting Wheel Stinger®, DuraShiner® tire shiner and Chameleon™ application arches. “I knew from experience the electric Belanger equipment would be smooth-running, quiet and low-maintenance,” he remarks. “And with the new pieces, we were able to ‘build in’ additional revenue generators from the start.”

According to Park, the Pivoting Wheel Stinger® and DuraShiner® are both very popular with customers, contributing to a 50% upsell rate. “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger does an impressive job cleaning wheels, but it puts on an even more impressive show,” he notes. “The wheel-tracking action is eye-catching, and the high-pressure spray creates a dramatic display of cleaning power.” He adds “Folks definitely notice!”

While the DuraShiner® is less conspicuous in operation, Park says his customers really appreciate the job it does. “As a full-service wash, we have a discriminating clientele,” Park observes. “They demand tire shine quality and coverage equal to hand-applied.”

“The Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner offer tremendous labor savings and throughput benefits. We’re delivering a clean rim and shiny tire with zero manual labor.”

— Joon Park, Prestige Car Wash

He adds “With the DuraShiner, they get results that exceed their expectations. The foam applicator rollers contour each tire for consistent shine, every time.”

Park says the two equipment pieces benefit the wash in other ways, as well. “The Pivoting Wheel Stinger and DuraShiner offer tremendous labor savings and throughput benefits,” he notes. “We’re delivering a clean rim and shiny tire with zero manual labor.” He adds “That’s a huge plus. It means we can allocate the labor to our lucrative detailing services, or use it to staff our lube center.”

As Park explains, the 10-minute oil change facility is integral to the site’s “full service” offering. “Our customers know we can attend to all of their routine auto care needs,” he says. “The best part is, we’ve got two profit centers that feed each other business.” Park notes “Normally, an oil change brings customers for the wash. But we’re certain our wash attracts customers who then buy an oil change.”

Distributor Tighe Gillis says Park is a responsive operator who’s a pleasure to work with. “Joon is always refining his offering to take advantage of the latest equipment and services,” Gillis says. “We look forward to working with him to enhance his existing sites and equip his new installations.” Gillis adds “It’s been exciting to watch the Prestige chain grow, and to be involved with its development.”

In fact, Park says he’s already planning his next tunnel. “We’re in the initial stages now, but one thing is certain,” he remarks. “We’ll be using Belanger equipment, and relying on Tighe Gillis for support.” Park says “Belanger equipment gives us the uptime and low operational cost to keep us washing profitably.” He adds “And with Tighe, we get more than Belanger equipment. We get Belanger-quality service, too.”

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