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Successes In Car Washing FreeStyler®
Brilliance Auto Wash

Two FreeStyler® Bays a Winning Combination for Delaware Operator

Brilliance Auto Wash's welcoming glass building

Brilliance features two inviting FreeStyler® bays

SMYRNA, DE – As Jody Driver of Brilliance Auto Wash will tell you, the soft-touch automatic wash bay has its place. And sometimes, that place is right next to a second, identical wash bay.

“We built our Smyrna site around two FreeStyler washes for several reasons,” Driver explains. “There was an unmet demand for soft touch washing I knew we could fill,” he says. “The only other washes in town were a self-serve and some touchless in-bays," Driver notes. “It added up to opportunity.”

Although he owns a competing brand of soft touch in-bay wash elsewhere, Driver chose the FreeStyler® for this site. “The FreeStyler's open bay feel is a definite plus,” Driver says. “And its electric motors are quiet – a big improvement from hydraulic drive.”

“A double FreeStyler has proven to be a great business model.”

— Jody Driver, Brilliance Auto Wash

“With this location, presentation is key,” says Dave Signer of Clean Edge Co., the Belanger distributor who sold and installed Driver’s equipment. “Jody’s got a nicer wash than anyone in town – including the petroleum companies and their touchless in-bays.”

To build that knockout wash, Driver selected a well-located property, with a daily drive-by traffic count of more than 26,000 cars. “We knew this site had the traffic to support two FreeStyler bays,” Driver says. “We’ve been gratified that customers have proven us right; a 150-car day is common here.”

But Driver says that building a double FreeStyler® site is about more than meeting wash volume demands. “A two-FreeStyler installation is more attractive to customers,” Driver notes. “Customers love knowing there is no wait for the second bay when only one bay is in use.” Driver adds “And when both bays are washing cars, customer wait times are cut in half compared to a single bay installation.”

Driver says that while customers appreciate the convenience of the site, what they notice first is the look and feel. “We want customers to feel welcome here,” Driver says. “So we built an all-glass building with 360 degree views and T-5 high efficiency lighting.” Driver adds “Our FreeStylers are the perfect complement to our bright and airy building. They really complete our bays.”

Of course, Driver’s FreeStyler® washes offer the upscale package options visitors expect. “Our top package – called Brilliance – includes a HydroBlade high-pressure pass, Triple Foam and total surface protectant, plus the AirBlade dryers that complete every wash,” Driver notes. “It's a 50% upsell, and represents half of our wash volume.”

Would he do it again? “Absolutely,” Driver says. “In fact, we are doing it again.” Driver explains that he is scouting locations to build an identical site 20 miles north of the Smyrna wash. “A double FreeStyler has proven to be a great business model for Brilliance Auto Wash,” Driver concludes. “We figure a double of the double has to be even better.”

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