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Successes In Car Washing V-Max®
Kwik Trip

V-Max® Large Vehicle Wash Pays Its Way at 450-Truck Depot

Kwik Trip's V-Max® cleans tankers, curves and all!

LA CROSSE, WI – A clean truck fleet doesn’t just deliver the goods ... it delivers an image boost for its owner. As Mike Richmond of Convenience Transportation, LLC observes, the larger the fleet, the bigger the corporate presence on America’s roads. “As part of the Kwik Trip chain, we operate a mixed fleet of 450 trucks serving over 300 convenience store locations, 7 days a week,” Richmond says.

That translates to more than 200 routes run daily. According to Richmond, a clean fleet isn’t a luxury – it’s a business requirement. “These trucks carry our brand names all over, building our brands with every mile traveled,” Richmond says. “Clean, well-maintained trucks speak volumes about a company’s success, professionalism and attention to detail.”

Of course, a fleet doesn’t grow to 450 trucks without some way to clean them all. Before, the company owned a drive-through wash with one set of fixed brushes. “Our old wash did a passable job on straight-sided trucks, but could not contour to our tankers and didn't clean them thoroughly,” Richmond notes.

“It feels great to operate the cleanest fleet on the road. It feels even better knowing our V‑Max has paid its own way.”

— Mike Richmond, Convenience Transportation, LLC

As part of an expansion three years ago at the company’s depot, Convenience Transportation decided to upgrade its truck wash to one with wider-ranging capabilities. “It seemed apparent that a touchless wash would clean our entire fleet more consistently,” Richmond observes. “So we compared touchless washes, including Belanger’s V-Max overhead gantry wash, and a competitor’s rollover.”

“It was clear the V-Max had many advantages,” Richmond says. “It’s simpler than the rollover, with fewer moving parts and a faster cycle time.” He notes, “Because the V-Max sizes each truck for length, it brings the spray nozzles close for maximum cleaning of harder-to-wash truck fronts and backs.”

“Mike’s right,” agrees Barry Balzer of Belanger of Minnesota. “The V-Max is simple to install for any Belanger distributor with experience installing the Vector, on which the V-Max is based.” Balzer adds “The V-Max is also simpler to operate, and much easier to maintain than rollover large vehicle washes.”

“Our V-Max doesn’t just wash our trucks,” Richmond comments. “It maintains the image of our fleet, according to our standards.” Richmond notes “With our old wash, we were hand-washing our tanker trucks to get an acceptable result ... which was time-consuming and costly.” Richmond adds “With the V-Max, we wash all of our trucks the same way ... and get the same great results, every time.”

Because the V-Max® is quick and efficient, it can wash all of the company's truck fleet ... and then some. “Just as we sell fuel to other operators, we’re now able to sell truck washing services as well,” Richmond says.

With more than 2,600 paid washes per year at $30 to $50 per wash, the V-Max® helps the company stay competitive. “Our customers know they’re getting a great wash at an unbeatable price,” Richmond says. “And the revenue has long since covered our V-Max purchase.” Richmond concludes “It feels great to operate the cleanest fleet on the road. It feels even better knowing our V-Max has paid its own way.”

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