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Sudzer® BL
Choose Your Matching
Air Manifold And
LED Illumination Color

RED Manifold with RED LED Illumination

GREEN Manifold with GREEN LED Illumination

BLUE Manifold with BLUE LED Illumination

Want Impressive Bubbles? We'll Give You The Recipe!

Because every chemical bubbles differently, our engineers will provide a written 'recipe' of settings proven to work for your intended application, shipped with your Sudzer® BL.

Bubble Arch

You Just Can't Say 'No' To Bubbles! Neither Can Your Customers!

Everybody loves the magic of bubbles - their breezy, carefree charm captures our imagination leaving us feeling 'safe and sound' all the way through the wash bay. No wonder car wash customers LOVE LOTS OF BUBBLES. They mean a cleaner car, safer wash, and a more pleasant wash experience. In short, MORE BUBBLES = MORE FUN. And of course, MORE FUN = MORE CUSTOMERS!

A Bubillion Bubbles Per Car, Just One Amazing Ounce!

The Sudzer® BL delivers the TONS OF BUBBLES customers want - with as little as 1/2 oz. of chemical per car. That's a chemical cost as low as a dime per car! This ultra-low chemical cost makes it easier to drive profits through higher menu prices, or increased sales of your top-tier wash packages.

The Bubble Arch That Lives Up To YOUR Good Name!

In addition to an unparalleled customer experience, the Sudzer® BL offers you a choice of three manifold colors - RED, GREEN or BLUE - to support your facility branding, while matching LED illumination gives your bubbles, your distinctive colored glow that customers will strongly associate with your wash. And, the branding panel offers the perfect showcase for your custom logo.

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Feature Benefit
1/3 HP Fan With 2 Speeds Moves medium or high air volumes with an ultra-low energy cost
Variable Air Release Valve Allows you to fine-tune air manifold pressure supplied by the fan
High-Volume Air Manifold Supplies a high volume of air – delivering a high volume of bubbles
Molded Color Manifold Housing Available in Red, Green or Blue colors to support site branding
Matching Color LED Illumination Gives your bubbles a Red, Green or Blue glow to match manifold
Customizable Branding Panel Features Sudzer® BL standard logo, or use your optional custom logo
Misting Nozzles Conserve water and chemical, using as little as 1/2 oz. of chemical per car
Select-A-Mesh™ Bubble Media Select-A-Mesh™ bubble media allows you to make the right bubbles, with the right product, every time
Triple-Outlet Bubble Nozzles Accelerates bubbles, for superior coverage and extended reach
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