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Sudzer® FM
Available FoamLite™ Nozzles
Attract Attention ...
Choose Red, Green Or Blue
Manifolds & Foam Illumination
The Results ...
Total Coverage For As Little As 1 Oz. Per Car!

Foaming Application Arch

Appealing Foam, Appealing Lights, Appealing Profits.

Belanger's Sudzer® FM is a foaming application arch unlike any other.

Available flashing LED-illuminated nozzle housings attract attention, while standard LED foam illumination – in your choice of RED, GREEN or BLUE – supports service announcement or site branding. And, the center branding panel offers the ideal showcase for your custom logo.

The perfect companion to the Sudzer® BL bubble arch, the Sudzer® FM is optimized for foaming delivery of presoaks, waxes and sealants – while using as little as 1 oz. per car, to ensure profitable operation. With presoak, that's a chemical cost as low as 20 cents per car!

In fact, the Sudzer® FM is 'built for profit' – it delivers the lighted foam 'show' customers want, total coverage that ensures product performance, and low cost of operation you need – a true 'win-win-win.'

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Benefit Feature
Grab Attention With FoamLite™ Nozzles available in Red, Green or Blue illumination to support branding or service announcement
Colorize Your Foam With LED Illumination and give your foam a Red, Green or Blue glow to make it 'come alive'
Get Total Coverage To Ensure Product Performance with custom-milled nozzles
Support Your Brand With Colored Manifolds available in Red, Green or Blue molded-color housings
Build Your Brand With Custom Logo with center pendant design
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