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Wave Full Side Washer™

Belanger's Wave Full Side Washer™ is specifically designed for targeted cleaning and polishing of vehicle sides, with a spin-cleaning action and the height to cover from the tops of the side windows all the way down to the rocker panels and wheels – even on today's larger vans, trucks and SUVs.

The closed-cell Neo-Tex™ foam provides the 'right touch' for full-side cleaning and polishing, while the self-adjusting shock and cylinder controls ensure the Wave Full Side Washer™ gently hugs the contour of each vehicle. As well, the adjustable wheel height meets the installation requirements of each tunnel.

To ensure an extended service life, the Wave Full Side Washer™ features a durable, corrosion-free aluminum framework and double-bearing arms for improved rigidity and smooth operation. A bulkhead utility hook-up makes installation easy, so you can start washing cars – and making money – faster.

Like many Belanger wash components, the Wave Full Side Washer™ operates in a minimal amount of tunnel space – in this case, just seven feet are needed.

Feature Benefit
Self adjusting shock and cylinder arms Adjusts to vehicle contour for precise clean
Aluminum design Long durability
Double bearing arms Superior longevity
Bulkhead utility hook up Easy installation
Adjustable wheel height Fits exact wash requirements
Operates in only 84 inches of tunnel space Adapts to wash configurations
Free standing or mount to other components Flexibility to custom configure
Choose from cloth or closed-cell Neo-Tex™ wash media Increased flexibility for changing needs
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