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Why Belanger?

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Why Belanger? — An Overview

Who should build your car wash equipment? Consider:

  • Is it built for easy maintenance? Extended service intervals?
  • Does it support your business model?

Belanger offers 46 years of strength, and is redefining innovation in car washing.

  • Invented soft cloth car washing.
  • Just since 2005, has launched the widest-ranging selection of cutting-edge equipment.

Belanger is a full-line manufacturer supporting many car wash segments, including:

  • Conveyorized Tunnel; Touchless In-Bay; Friction In-Bay; Large Vehicle; and Fleet & Rental.

Great car wash equipment starts with a better vision of car washing.

  • Belanger hires the right engineers, and equips them with the best tools.
  • Belanger solutions for real-world car washing have earned more than 120 patents.

Belanger is a true car wash equipment manufacturer, not merely an "assembler."

  • Unlike other "manufacturers" who assemble off-the-shelf parts, Belanger makes most components.
  • Component-level manufacturing allows true quality control over the finished product.

Better car wash equipment starts with better materials.

  • Pioneered the use of structural aluminum ... lightweight, weldable, stronger than steel.
  • Led the way with UHMW polyethylene for wear surfaces, and lube-free pivot points.

Quality car wash equipment starts with quality manufacturing.

  • One of the first car wash equipment manufacturers to be ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • Now certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

Belanger packs and ships equipment with the same care we use to make it.

  • Digital photographic record follows equipment through production and packaging.
  • All equipment heat shrink wrapped, to keep out dirt and keep all parts together.

Belanger equips you for success ... with easy-to-read manuals, and easy-to-install equipment.

  • Plain-english manuals are helpful in setting up, operating, and maintaining equipment.
  • Equipment ships complete with documentation and all needed parts for installation.

Belanger distributors know the equipment, and the business.

  • Distributor network is the largest in North America, and also covers select global locations.
  • Distributors know the equipment well, from extensive factory training and hands-on experience.

Great car wash equipment deserves great technical support.

  • Free technical phone support from Belanger's main office.
  • After-hours, on-call availability means help is reachable when you're most likely to need it.
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