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Cars Washed ... And Counting!
Wind Door

Your car wash tunnel is the perfect environment for washing cars. To protect that environment regardless of outside conditions, Belanger offers the Wind Door.

Its heavy-gauge vinyl flaps form a weather-tight seal to protect your bay against the elements. During cold weather, this helps keep warm air in, preventing equipment freeze-ups and costly potential downtime.

In warmer weather, the vinyl can be removed, or left in place to prevent the 'wind tunnel effect' that can double wind speeds in your tunnel. The Wind Door combats this, eliminating overspray issues and keeping damaging, unsightly debris out of your bay.

Built for reliable, year-round performance, the Wind Door features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, zero-maintenance UHMW rollers, and a leaded cloth hem that keeps the panels closed until you want them open.

And when it's time to open or close, the Wind Door completes the action in a matter of seconds, maintaining a smooth traffic flow. To provide the most installation options, the Wind Door may be activated by a limit switch, photo eyes or controller tie-in.

Feature Benefit
High-quality barrier Helps protect bay from collecting debris from outside elements
Clear vinyl panels Improve visibility and promote safety
Leaded cloth hem panels Prevent swinging in the wind
Aluminum frame design Superior durability
Heavy-duty vinyl door panels Long life
Fast operation Will not interrupt traffic flow
Tunnel or In-Bay Automatic application Easily adapts to your facility's needs
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